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findcourses PRO for course providers

Do you want the opportunity to receive bookings from our customers who have chosen to procure their training through our platform? Become a collaborative partner and enhance your chances of getting bookings! 

Being a collaborative partner with us means that you will be included in our customers' training catalogs. By providing our customers with a discount, you will increase your likelihood of becoming a preferred supplier in their catalog, securing a more favorable position for your offerings in their search result filters. 

Become visible on our clients' platforms

Take the opportunity to be featured on our platforms and make it easier for our clients to find your specific training programs.

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Some of our clients

We work with some truly amazing brands to support their competence development and provide efficient purchasing solutions.


Why have I received a booking request from findcourses PRO?
findcourses PRO is a service that offers companies and authorities the opportunity to streamline their competence development by gathering all external training on their portal. 
Why do findcourses PRO have certain terms in the booking request?
The terms in the booking request are customized to our customers' unique needs and requirements. These terms include information about payment procedures. If you cannot meet these terms, it may mean that the booker must seek another training provider, as some customers require that all external training goes through the portal with the specified conditions. 
Who should I invoice, and how do I get paid?
All invoicing details can be found in the attachment "Booking terms and conditions" in the booking request, under the heading "Billing information." There, you will find information on how to invoice us for the training.
What happens after I have accepted a booking?

When you have accepted a booking, we will send a confirmation to the booker and all course participants to notify them that the booking has been confirmed. If you have additional information that course participants need to have, you can send it directly to them using the contact information provided in the booking request.

What happens when I decline a booking?
If you decline a booking request, you will have the opportunity to provide a comment explaining why. The booker will be contacted and informed that the booking has been denied, along with the reason for the denial. Afterwards, the booker can choose another course date or provider based on the information you provided during the cancellation.
Why are some of my courses and course start dates not displayed?

If there is missing information about any training, please contact us for assistance. Update your profile with customers who want to book your training through us. 

Please contact our support team at or call us on +46(0)8-509 106 62 if you have any questions. 

What do I do if the booking lacks additional costs such as accommodation fee or other expenses?

The stated price in the booking is the total price, and no additional costs should be added. If you have extra expenses such as travel, food, accommodation, or literature, you must contact us for approval before adding these costs. Please contact our support team at or phone number +46(0)8-509 106 62 if this is the case. All expenses, fees, and costs must be approved before the booking. 

How can I contact the course participant?

For questions about booking terms or information in the booking request, please contact our support team at or phone number +46(0)8-509 106 62. 

If you need to contact the course participant to share important information about the training or other materials, you can contact the course participant directly using the contact information in the booking request. 

If you are unable to reach the course participant, please ensure that the email address is correct and check your spam folder. If you still cannot reach the participant, please contact our support team as soon as possible so we can help you reach the participant. 

What do I do if there is an incorrect price in the booking?

The stated price is the total price, and no additional fees can be added to the booking. If there are inaccuracies in the price, please contact us at findcourses PRO before accepting the booking. We can then correct the price and ensure that the booker is aware of and accepts the price correction. 

Please contact our support team at or phone number +46(0)8-509 106 62 if this is the case. 

All expenses, fees, and costs must be approved before the booking. 

Can I ask questions or provide feedback?
We value your feedback as it helps us improve our products and services for both users and training providers. You can share your feedback with us by using our feedback form, which you can find via the link: Feedback form 

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