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Discover – Your Training Portal. Book courses, enjoy discounts, and leave the administrative work and invoicing to us.

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Support upskilling and reskilling

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Search, request book training through one system.

Our portals are designed with your training needs in mind. We manage the suppliers you have and offer exclusive prices.

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We manage all course administration. 

We handle the booking, invoicing, and cancellations. We will take care of time consuming work for you.  

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Track your ROI and training effect.

Take part of purchasing reports, cost savings, employee participant feedback and attendance reports. 

Find out how we can help you achieve your goals

Fill in your details and we will then be in touch to discuss your specific goals and what we can do to help.

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Our clients get it

We work with some truly amazing brands to support their competence development and provide efficient purchasing solutions. 

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Customer support is at the heart of everything we do

We know that that a new approach is often only as good as the people there to support it. That's why our experts work to ensure that every programme goes as anticipated. From assisting with finding the right course, to working with trainers to coordinate the booking, we'll be there every step of the way.

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Who are the users of Findcourses PRO?
Findcourses PRO has successfully managed over 33,000 bookings in the past ten years. Among our top clients are leading companies in industries such as banking, consulting, and government agencies. These organizations aim to strengthen the skills of their employees and offer a comprehensive range of training.
Can I get assistance with a quote request?
Absolutely! If you are a group of at least 5 people, we can help you find the perfect training, course, workshop, or lecture for you or your employees. We are here to request quotes from companies that can provide what you are looking for.
What should I do if I can't find a course?
If you cannot find the desired training in our existing catalog, we can still help you. Use the "Add Training" feature at the top of your logged-in page and fill in the required information. We will then provide you with information on how to book the desired training through our portal.
How do I cancel a booking?
If you need to cancel a booking, go to the "Cancel" function at the top of your logged-in page. Fill out the form, and we will assist you in canceling with the provider. If you have already canceled directly with the provider, you must also cancel the booking with us. If you have access to the "My Bookings" feature through your portal, you can also use it to make cancellations.
Which courses does Findcourses PRO offer?
We have an impressive selection of nearly 8,000 courses from over 300 different organizers. As a customer, you have the opportunity to customize the offering by hiding certain courses or categories that are not relevant to you.
How does our catalog offering evolve?
We build our course catalog in collaboration with our sister sites, such as and Additionally, we work closely with our customers to continuously develop and improve the course offering in line with their competence development goals.
Where can I find my bookings?

If you have the "My Bookings" feature enabled on your portal, you can easily monitor your booked courses and history. You will receive information about their status, order number, start date, and more. You can also use this feature to make cancellations. 

Otherwise, you should have received your bookings sent to your email as provided in the booking by yourself or your booker. 

Can I ask questions or provide feedback?
We value your feedback highly, as it helps us improve our products and services. We strive to offer the best possible user experience, and your input plays a crucial role in that process. You are welcome to share your feedback with us by using our feedback form, which you can find through the following link: feedback form