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Are you looking for bespoke training for your organization? Do you need help find a supplier to support specific training arrangements, delivery method and custome content? 

Our sourcing specialists will work with you to produce a proposal from companies that offer the training you want in the way you need it. We collaborate with over 4,000 learning suppliers globally, and can quickly identify the exact fit courses for your needs.

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After we have received your request, we will confirm it within 24 hours and inform when you can expect a proposed solution. If necessary, we will also ask supplementary questions to provide the best possible match.


Discuss and decide

Based on the proposal or proposals gernereated, a member of our sourcing team will reach out to evaluate the available options. We'll work with you directly to determine the perfect solution and account for any final requests or adjustments.

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Below is the information our team would require to begin the quote request process. Please feel free to be as detailed as necessary, and attach any documents relevant to the need. Once we've received all the information we need we will follow up with custom quotes from a maximum three training providers.